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Trying to decide whether to use wood trusses or engineered building components as opposed to conventional framing? Take a look at the list below and see why they are your best choice.


The design possibilities with wood trusses are virtually unlimited, whether it be a hip roof, gable, flat, multi-pitch, floor, etc. These features can be designed right into the truss without the need for laborious, complicated stick framing.

Clear Spans

Clear spans can be achieved with trusses that are 70’, 80’ or even greater. This allows freedom of interior design of rooms and partitions without the use of internal bearing walls.

QA and Accuracy

Wood trusses are manufactured using graded structural lumber in a controlled factory environment. Members are cut to precise angles with component saws and fastened with engineered connector plates.

Ease of Installation

At the job site, labor is significantly reduced – no trimming, cutting, or additional tradesmen required. In most cases a light crane will suffice for setting the trusses.

Light Weight

For both design and erection considerations, wood trusses are lighter in weight than most other structural systems. This can even allow for reduction is size of bearing walls, columns, footings, etc.

Open Web Design

This feature of truss systems allows for easy and fast installations of mechanical systems such as plumbing, ductwork and wiring. No need for drilling or notching!


Rather than using special fasteners, materials can be nailed directly into truss chords for reduced construction time and cost.


Since our trusses are built with wood, one of the most durable building materials available, the longevity and integrity of your structure will be sound. Many wood-built structures remain in place after hundreds of years, and wood is less susceptible to expansion and contraction due to temperature variations than other materials.


Manufactured using a functional renewable resource, wood trusses can be considered a “greener” building component that other competing materials. Also, many trusses can be built using 2x4 lumber to span long distances. Smaller lumber means better utilization of the resource.


Even after installation, wood trusses are typically fully visible and can easily be inspected for lumber size / grade, plate size, location, and orientation.


Just some of the factors which make wood trusses a more cost effective framing solution:

  • Installation labor savings
  • Open web design
  • Lighter weight
  • Less clean-up
  • Reduced job-site theft